Sunday School at Olivet Spring 2019

We invite children and youth to join us for the last few Sunday School classes of our school year for 2019.

Starting in the Fall 2018, we traveled through the land of Narnia with Peter, Susan, Edward and Lucy as they encountered Aslan and the White Witch.  We continued with watching Prince Caspian in the winter, and took a break in the early spring as we explored the season of Lent and Easter.  Now we are finishing up the school year with a look at the early church and Pentecost.  We meet upstairs on the third floor in the main church building in the large classroom at the end of hall, starting at 9:15 am.  Please join us:

Sunday, May  26
Sunday, June  2
Sunday, June 9 — Pentecost Party!

During the summer we will have family Dinner & a Movie nights on:
Wednesday, July 17
Wednesday, August 14
Everyone is invited to bring something to grill.  We’ll have plenty of movie snacks on hand.


Fall 2018 Sunday School at Olivet

Sunday School started September 9, and we invite newcomers to join us at anytime.  We’re taking a trip to Narnia this year, and starting off with C.S. Lewis’ book The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.  Lewis, through his wonderful fantasy fiction, has given us a way of learning more about God and his creation.

We’re watching the Disney movie first and building a Narnia-like world in our Sunday School room.  There will be discussions, crafts, and service projects taking place this year.

Please join us on this fun adventure.  Our class welcomes all ages.  For more information, please contact Therese Chaplin at

Sunday School meets in the third floor big classroom of the Main Church building from 9:15 to 10:20 am.

Narnia Poster


Summer 2018: The Adventures of Flat Anna

In the tradition of Flat Jesus & Flat Francis, the Olivet Sunday School is announcing its Summer 2018 photo contest this year with “Flat Anna“!  Anna Alexander was the first African-American Deaconess in the Episcopal Church, and she won the Golden Halo in this year’s Lent Madness tournament.  You can read about her amazing life at

Laminated cutouts of Flat Anna are available in the Simpson Room.  Take one with you, and start photographing Flat Anna on your summer adventures.  Email your pictures to (or text to 703-969-7159).  Great prizes will be awarded in several categories.

Jeff Underwood has been the first to submit a photo of Flat Anna — congratulations Jeff!  The picture below is of Flat Anna in Jeff’s summer garden.

To see more of Flat Anna’s summer adventures, please check out the bulletin board in the stairway of the 1957 building.

For those not familiar with our previous summer challenges, we are basing Flat Anna on Flat Stanley, a children’s book by Jeff Brown: after being flattened by a bulletin board, a young boy named Stanley makes the most of his situation by mailing himself to visit friends.  Elementary school teachers throughout the years have used this children’s book in a fun project, which is to make a Flat Stanley cutout and then mail Stanley to friends and relatives, near and far.  Friends and family will take photos of Flat Stanley around their town and send the pictures back to the student.  The student then compiles the pictures into a book of Flat Stanley adventures.

Happy Advent!

Advent is the beautiful church season where for four weeks, we get our hearts ready to celebrate Jesus’ birth and especially remember his promise to return one day.

An Advent wreath is a great way to mark this season.    It typically consists of greenery with four candles, three purple and one pink. Blue can also be used in place of the purple.  Each candle on the Advent Wreath has a specific meaning:

  • Candle one (purple) represents hope. It is often called the prophets’ candle.
  • Candle two (purple) represents peace. It is often called the angels’ candle.
  • Candle three (pink) represents joy. It is often called the shepherds’ candle.
  • Candle four (purple) represents love. It is often called the Bethlehem candle.

Many Advent wreaths also include a Christ candle which is placed in the middle of the wreath, surrounded by the other four candles.  The Christ candle is typically white.

To celebrate with an Advent wreath, you light a candle on each Sunday of Advent. The first Sunday, you light candle one; the second Sunday you light candles one and two, etc.  A good time to use the Advent wreath is daily at dinner time.  The Bible can be read, or prayers can be said during the lighting of the wreath. See this link for suggestions:

On Christmas Day, you light all four candles plus the Christ candle.

You can easily put one together as shown in the picture: use a charger-type plate as a base, add 4 candles (you can paint the outsides of a votive candles : 3 blue/purple, 1 pink), add a center Christ candle and some greens from your yard.

Come celebrate Advent with us at Olivet Episcopal Church where you will be very welcome!


info on the Advent wreath adapted from